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The Plays of Stephen J. Goldberg

Waiting for Angels 2013
Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee 2010
Hell is a Goddess 2009
The Third Rail 2009
Flying on the Bright Wings of Despair 2005
Sluts on the Roof 2004
Hollywood 2003
Don and Tom 2003
Rough Landing on a Soft Cranium 2002
Kong Wash 2001
Arnie Gets it Good 2000
One Mistake 1999
Burning Bridges 1999
End Zone 1998
The Delivery 1998
Screwed 1997
Ballroom of Forgiveness 1997
Curbdivers of Redemption 1997
Taboo of Fantasy 1996
Interior Demolition with a Brando Obsession 1995
Quantum Dog in a Deep Blue Jaguar 1995
The Truth Has No Heart 1993
Sunspot; The Crime of the Need to be Right 1985
Sand Trap 1982

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